Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to Make Ice Cream In 5 Minutes

Let me tell you about some projects. Some projects are easy enough to make. You have the art style. You have the technical skills for it. But sometimes, you DON'T have the information and that's what makes the project drag on forever.

This is one of those kinds of projects. I have to make an infographic. That's easy enough. I want an attractive looking infographic. Got it. But what's it about? Oh, yeah, about that...

I saw this infographic about the content of different coffee selections(the ratio of milk, sugar, coffee). If your into infographics you have probably seen that one already. So, I was inspired by that so I opted to go for food. At first, I wanted it to be about cakes but I couldn't come up with a concept that gives  information about cakes without highlighting one kind of cake and making an infographics that looked like it came from a recipe book.

After hours in the internet, I finally decided on ice cream. But what about it? I searched about the different flavors in ice cream since that was one place to start. And guess what I learned. There's actually a whale-flavored ice cream in the market. And guess where it's made from. Hmmm. Still haven't guess it?

It's made in Japan.

Yup, the Japanese really had a lot of  money and time in their hands. Not only do they have whale-flavored ice cream, but also ramen-flavored, shrimp-flavored, beef-flavored. Any flavor you can think of! Even caviar-flavor ice cream. (And I thought kimchi-flavored chocolate is weird.).But after browsing it all, I thought of one thing. No BALOT-flavored ice cream....What a shame...

Anyways after the tedious search for a good concept, I finally decided on "How To Make Ice Cream in 5 Minutes". 

Because humankind can create many flavors but nothing beats VANILLA ice cream.

Note: you can find cool infographics here


Taray, Che! Is this real ice cream? Masubukan nga.

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