Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hoorah Monde!

I have just created a wordpress blog but I found out that there are many limitations so with some persuasion from a friend.J I switched to blogspot.

I have been mulling over making a blog for months now.

I finally did it! Hoorah for me *claps please*

That was the easy part though. Hopefully I will find the discipline to regularly update this blog. I remember sometime in college that I attempted to blog in Well, I can't remember that blog now, let alone the email address I used for that one.

So...This blog will also serve partly as my online portfolio. About time I got one, I say. I'm already 22 and I am already working as a multimedia specialist. (Note: this term is very misleading. I have background and knowledge on the multimedia part. The "specialist" part is the one making me wince. But no worries, I'm working on it.)

Maybe...maybe this will serve as my very own  

And no I'm not French. I just like the "sound" of the words "cherie" and "cerveau".


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